What could be more important than a little something to eat
— Winnie the Pooh

We understand the huge role good nutrition plays in children's development particularly during these crucial Early Years when children's brains and bodies are developing quicker than at any other time in their life. As such, providing children with tasty, well-blanced and nutritious meals is of paramount importance to us.  


All our meals are prepared on site by our professional chef using fresh ingredients. We are a Vegetarian nursery with the exception of fish and as such have no meat products on the premises. To ensure that the meals we provide for our children are well-balanced and packed full of the correct nutrition, our menus are overseen by Susan, the owner and manager of Purple Rocket Nursery who is a qualified dietician with many years' experience in children's nutrition.

Susan and our chef work closely with parents and children to establish the types of meals and foods that children enjoy so that we can incorporate them into our menus. These menus are on a four-week rotation so that children can experience a wealth and variety of different tastes, textures and flavours. Children are encouraged to explore new foods and are praised for all their efforts. 


We understand the importance of supporting children in adopting a healthy lifestyle and encourage them to make healthy choices about what they eat and drink throughout the day.

For our babies who are just starting out on their great food adventure, we provide delicious, home-made and developmentally appropriate fruit and vegetable purees. We understand how important it is, particularly for babies, to have an early exposure to a wealth and variety of different flavours, tastes and textures. As such, Susan and our chef have designed an exciting and delicious menu of purees that feature some fabulous flavour combinations and tantalising textures that our babies simply can't get enough of! We work closely with parents to understand the textures and consistencies that are most appropriate for individual babies and their developmental stage. Bottles are given to to our younger babies when and however often parents advise.

Special menus are designed for children with specific dietary requirements and allergies with the help of parents, children, Susan and our chef. As far as possible, we try to ensure that the meals children with a special dietary requirement or allergy receive resembles the meals other children will be receiving. We understand what unifying and communal experiences mealtimes are and as much as possible, we try to create an atmoshphere of sharing a meal together in much the same way as a family or group of friends would. 

We understand the important social role meal times play in children's development. As such, children gather together at meal times in much the same way they would with their families and friends at home. Older children set the table and hand out plates, cups and cuttlery. Meals are brought to the dining areas by the kitchen staff in serving trays and on serving trolleys and Key Workers serve each child at the table. This creates a real home-from-home feel and is also a way Key Workers can cater better for individual children. Children are encouraged to feed themselves and are given lots of praise for all their efforts.  

The meals we provide for children at the nursery are:

  • Mid-Morning Healthy snack
  •  Lunch
  • Afternoon Tea

Every child within the nursery has their own named water bottle which is available to them at all times whether inside or out. Water bottles are topped up with fresh water throughout the day. Children are encouraged and reminded to drink plenty and stay hydrated particularly during hot weather as part of adopting a healthy life-style. 

All cutlery, plates, bowls, cups, bibs are provided and age appropriate.

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