If you weren’t you, then we’d all be a bit less, um...we
— Winnie the Pooh


 We believe that children learn best when their individual needs are understood and catered for. In this way, we can plan personalised support for every child and ensure they achieve as much as they can in relation to their starting points and capabilities. We have robust systems in place to help us understand the needs of all the children in our care. 


We observe daily using post it notes to record things children have said and done, and conduct a range of formal observations monthly.  We assess and track progress across all areas of the curriculum. This is done twice yearly using a Progress Summary.

Online Learning Journals 


We have now gone digital with our record keeping of children's progress and achievement. Each child has their own online learning journey which is regularly updated by their Key Worker and available to view for parents and carers. The journal contains collections of observations and assessments conducted by Key Workers with development links to the EYFS.   


Your Involvement

 We liase closely with parents and carers as partners in children's learning and development to get a clearer picture of children's interests, preferred learning styles and schemas. There are opportunities on children's online learning journals for parents to comment on observations, upload their own observations and update their child's 'About Me' page. This engagement really supports Key Workers in personalising children's learning and creating a learning environment that is right for each child.